NorthPort Cooperative Inc.

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Investing in your self.

      What is it that you really want from life? On most part people want to live a productive life with out the financial burdens that most of us go through each day. So what is the answer? Well unless you have the energy and yes the money to start, you need the most important secret to it all, EDUCATION! Without it youíre dead in the water. You need to work hard, stop believing in all the lies that are out there and get real. You heard it said that about 5% of M L M marketers really get any where, well the real fact is that if the numbers where crunched correctly you would find that 5% is highly inflated; the number would be less than 1%. So what must you do? Do what the wealthy do. Make your money work for you, have your money make money.

  • Educate your self

  • Make some money "Do not think of this as a lot of money to start with"

  • Build your mind

  • Invest wisely

  • Reap the benefits

      What ever you are told, education is the key. Cooperatives are investments in your self your family and your community. You donít make a fortune off one investment you must invest in many things to get your income up to where you are comfortable. Educate your self on the investment you are making and you will soon see the bright future ahead of you.


      Looking for a worth while investment? Well look no further. If you know anything about Prince Edward Island, Canada you know that it is one of thee most popular tourist destination in North America today. The Island is the smallest of the Provinces in Canada and is a very popular vacation destination. Prince Edward Island is also the birth place of Canada, that is if you consider Confederation the birth of Canada. How would you like to own a piece of Prince Edward Island? Now you can. You can own one square foot of Prince Edward Island, the home of Anne of Green Cables wrote by Lucy Maud Montgomery. To learn more about Lucy Maud Montgomery follow this link.


 Your share in Northport Cooperative will pay share dividends on year end profits. The percentage rate is set down by the board of directors and can only be changed by the board if so directed by the voting members.



Any and all ** Donations ** are and will be greatly ** Appreciated **.


Investment break down for your first square foot is as follows.

  • One Share certificate                = Twenty Five Dollars

  • Voting Shares (4) in total           = One Hundred Dollars

  • You can buy on time also           - $8.00 per month

  •  " Digital certificates are not legal " sorry "

NorthPort Cooperative Inc. is a registered Cooperative with the Province of Prince Edward Island Canada and can be check by calling: Consumer Information 1-800-658-1799

Can't find the information you are looking for then try Island Information Services at: 1-800-236-5196

or visit

Charlottetown area office Island Information - 1-902-368-4000